SC Covilhã 1 x Estoril Praia 2

Estoril Praia visited SC Covilhã this afternoon in a match counting for Ledman LigaPro, the game ended with the victory of Estoril Praia by 1 – 2. Rafael Furlan and Roberto were the scorers.

Coach Bruno Baltazar points out that: “It was a very difficult game, Covilhã has made a second round of great quality, we were aware of the difficulties and that we were going to find a very brave and talented team, but we got well prepared for this game and despite the opponent’s goal, we had a great reaction, we were strong in adversity and we managed to tie before the break.”

“In the second half, with patience, we managed to win against a great opponent of great quality. Fortunately, we managed to get back to the result, having started at a disadvantage, something that Estoril had not yet achieved this season,” says the coach.

To finish, the coach of Estoril Praia says, “We got three more points and for the next week we will have to go for another very complicated away match. There are six hard games left, as is characteristic in the final phase of LigaPro, and we are focused on our work, game by game.”

Thierry, João Góis, Diakhité, João Pedro, Furlan, Yan, Gonçalo Santos, Filipe, Kenji Gorré, Roberto and Sandro Lima were the eleven players who started the game this afternoon. Cícero, Patrão and Rubén Belima were also elements used by the coach of Estoril Praia.