Estoril Praia’s under 23 team won again at Cova da Piedade, similar to the match of matchday 4 of the Revelation Series South Series, this time with a hat-trick from Gilson Tavares.

The Estorilista formation lined up with Nuno Macedo in goal, Tiago Manso, João Guerra, Vasco Oliveira as men of the defense. The midfield featured Duarte Valente, Klismahn, Lucho Vega and Rúben Pina. The attack was formed by Elias, Douglas Aurélio and Paulinho.

The Magician came in stronger and before the 10 minutes of the game he already had 3 corner kicks in favor. On 4 minutes, in the corner, Rúben Pina out of the box, created the first dangerous move of the game, with the ball passing near the goal post of Cova da piedade.

Cova reacted to the attacks of the canarinhos and after 27 minutes, the ball passed close to the goal line, with no Cova da Piedade player to finish.

In the 32nd minute Nuno Macedo led the best defense of the first half, face to face with Vicente Caldeira, Macedo got the better and prevented the goal.

6 minutes from the end of the first half, another dangerous move for Estoril Praia led by Douglas Aurélio. Tiago Manso discovers Elias on the right, who crosses to the area where Douglas Aurélio heads the ball past the second post.

The teams go to the changing rooms with the marker at zero and on their return Vasco Botelho da Costa proceeds to the first substitution of the match, putting Gilson Tavares in the place of Rúben Pina.

Gilson scores 1 minute after get in

The newcomer only needed 1 minute to score the first of three goals. Klismahn on the left crosses into the area where Gilson appears, who in front of the goalkeeper, touches the ball towards the goal. The ball still touches the post and enters the goal defended by Márcio Rosa.

Duarte Valente sees Elias Achouri alone outside the area and at the 52nd minute of the game, Mágico’s 37th shoots hard on goal and sees the ball deflected over the post.

Celebrations of 2-0

The clock showed 11 minutes of the second half, when Douglas Aurélio sees Paulinho’s clearance, he assists Gilson Tavares, who only has to touch to score the second goal of the game and double in the match.

Four minutes later, the same Gilson scores the third in the personal account. In the sequence of studied corner, Klismahn sends the ball to Tiago Manso, who crosses to the area where Vasco Oliveira with his head watches Gilson who shoots for the first defense of the Cova da Piedade guardian and in the reload makes the hat-trick.

Gilson Tavares done a hat-trick in the game

Vasco Botelho da Costa refreshed the team with a double substitution after 66 minutes, placing Afonso Valente and Armin Hodzic in the places of Paulinho and Duarte Valente respectively.

Gilson Tavares went around the goal of Márcio Rosa, when the stopwatch was 68 minutes. The striker receives the ball from a relief by Nuno Macedo and isolates himself against three defenders. In a low shot, the goalkeeper won and avoided the fourth goal.

The last change in eleven at Estoril Praia happened at 75 minutes with the entry of João Dias to Vasco Oliveira and Diogo Batista to Lucho Vega.

Nuno Macedo also defended a header with Nelsinho’s goal stamp, which took the bottom corner of the goal as its destination.

Estoril Praia is leader of the Revelation Series South Series with 21 points, 2 more than Belenenses Sad, second place.