Estoril Praia 2 x CD C. Piedade 0

On a day of tribute to João Cepeda and José Abrantes, two football players from Estoril Praia, the main squad received and won this morning against CD Cova da Piedade (2-0).

Coach Bruno Baltazar says: “We continue to work to adapt to each other, new coaches, new players, it’s a new start with the pressure to compete and have to win. Due to technical issues, today, we have made changes to the teams that we presented previously, who entered has fulfilled the mission and the confidence in the players who did not play is intact. We continued to build our path and we were pragmatic in today’s game. ”

“It was not the best of the shows, but we were cold, we wanted the three points and in this process of reconstruction in need of results, we have to balance between playing well and simply fighting to win the victories. Although I am not satisfied, if I have to choose between playing well or winning, I will choose to win, “says the coach.

To finish the coach says, “we are still far from being the team that I want, but we are working well, we are competitive and today the most important were the three points.”

Thierry, Queirós, Miguel Rodrigues, João Pedro, Góis, Cícero, Filipe, André, Kenji Gorré, Rubén Belima and Sandro Lima were the eleven players who started the game. Koneh, João Patrão and Furlan were also elements used by the coach.

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