Estoril Praia 1 x FC Paços de Ferreira 0

Estoril Praia received and beat FC Paços de Ferreira this afternoon.

“As always, we prepared this game with great strength and responsibility, our opponent of this day was very strong, with good performers.” says Luís Freire.

“Yesterday we were making a great game and we ended up being rewarded today, just in the restart of the match. Paços de Ferreira came from many victories in a row, confident and with great quality, but we managed to control his initiative in the first part of the game. In the second part, on merit of the opponent, we ended up retreating a little, but always with great commitment and well organized in the defensive process, “says Luís Freire.

To finish, the coach says: “We are motivated and very united in what is our goal and today was another proof of our will as a team. It was not our best game, but we were organized, united and today we had the reward of the work we are developing.”

Thierry, Filipe Soares, Gustavo, Gonçalo Santos, Roberto, Diney, João Pedro, Wallyson, Rafael Furlan, Aylton and Sandro Lima were the eleven players who started the game this afternoon. Pedro Queirós, Dadashov and João Gomes were also elements used by the coach.

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