Estoril Praia 1 x Académico de Viseu 3

In a tribute to Lazaro Oliveira and Marco Paulo, two glories of our club, the main squad received Académico de Viseu, in a match counting for LEDMAN LigaPro that ended with the victory of the away team by three balls to one. Kenji Gorré scored the goal.

Coach Bruno Baltazar points out that: “We have to change our attitude, although the main goal of this season has not been achieved, we still have a lot to play, we have to honor and defend the Estoril Praia’s colors”.

“It was a hard game against a team that has quality and is in a distressing situation. We had a lot of ball in the first half and Ac. Viseu had a well-assembled strategy for transitions. We could not break the Ac. Viseu lines and scored in a attack transition. In the second part, I think the red card was exaggerated and also conditioned us. We reacted after the red card but it was not enough.” says the coach.

To finish the coach of Estoril Praia says, “we must have the will to win and honor and that is what I will require till the end”.

Thierry, João Góis, Miguel Rodrigues, João Basso, Rafael Furlan, João Patrão, Cícero, Kenji Gorré, Yan, Roberto and Sandro Lima were the eleven players who started the game this afternoon. Dadashov, Rubén Belima and Filipe Soares were also elements used by the coach of Estoril Praia.