Estoril Praia, 0 – SC Braga, 6

Estoril Praia received Sporting Clube de Braga and was unable to return to the victories, against an opponent who proved more effective. Wilson Eduardo (7 ‘), Paulinho (45’ and 66 ‘), Ricardo Horta (46’ and 90 ‘) and Fábio Martins (76’) scored the goals.

Renan, Mano, Lucas Cavalcante, Dankler, Joel (Kyriakou, 46 ‘), Pêpe, Eduardo, Lucas Evangelista, Allano, Victor Andrade (Ewandro, 77’) and Kléber (Bruno Gomes, 61 ‘) lined Estoril Praia this evening. Saturday.

Also noteworthy was the presence of the women’s football group Fut4women, which was present in reference to the International Women’s Day that is approaching and which gave a special brilliance to the teams’ entry into the field.

The team returns to work on monday, after a day of rest.


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