Ac. Viseu 1 x Estoril Praia 2

Estoril Praia visited and won (1-2), this afternoon, Ac. Viseu at Estádio Municipal do Fontelo, for the LEDMAN Liga Pro. Sandro Lima scored the first goal of the team, and the second goal of the team was scored by a visited team player.

The coach Luís Freire, emphasizes that “we faced a very strong opponent, who always makes good games at home. We ended up being happy in the first goal, but we created the occasion by breaking the defensive structure of Viseu. We were calm and after the equalizer and break, we were brave and took the initiative of the game, reaching the second goal. ”

“We are united, in the games, in the objectives and we have been able to neutralize the initiatives of the adversary. A word to Ac. Viseu, who was a great opponent and valued our victory,” says Luís Freire.

To finish the coach says, “we deserved the victory, we want to continue to accumulate points and move towards our goal. Once again, thank you very much to our fans, they traveled to Viseu and they made themselves heard. ”

Igor, Filipe Soares, Gustavo, Gonçalo Santos, Roberto, Diney, Diakhité, Wallyson, Rafael Furlan, Aylton and Sandro Lima were the eleven players who started the game this afternoon. Pedro Queirós, Dadashov and Patrão were also elements used by the coach of Estoril Praia.

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