Yellow with social concern and a lot of pride

The Estoril Praia professional team home kit, for the 2018/2019 season, is officially presented.

More than just a simple equipment, we present the desire to reinforce that the Estoril Praia does not only work in sports, it works for the pride of support Estoril through a brand, with almost 80 years of history, that cements its values ​​as a pillar in society in which is inserted, where social concern and integration are a very important part of its genesis.

Once again, we thank the friendly reception of CERCICA – Cooperativa para a Educação e Reabilitação de Cidadãos Inadaptados de Cascais and especially to Eduardo Santos, a young artist whose eyes shine with the name and colors of Estoril Praia, with whom the athletes Duarte Valente and João Patrão had the opportunity to exchange experiences and a very well spent moment.

Remember the excellent work of CERCICA through our 2017 Christmas video.

Thank you CERCICA and Edu!

Know more details about our yellow home kit.

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