U23: victory over Sporting strengthens leadership

U23: victory over Sporting strengthens leadership

The National Stadium, at Jamor, was the stage for the victory of the Estoril Praia sub23 over Sporting CP.

Vasco Botelho da Costa selected for the goal, João Oliveira, for the defense, Gabriel Castro, Bernardo Vital, Vasco Oliveira and Tiago Manso, for the midfield, Afonso Valente, Klismahn, Lucho Vega, in the attack, Elias Achouri, Douglas Aurélio and Paulinho.

Estoril Praia came in stronger and in the first minutes of the match threatened Sporting’s goal. Mágico’s goal came in the 14th minute of the game, following a cross by Tiago Manso, who sees the ball deflected to the second post, where Douglas Aurélio appears between two defenders, who leaves behind and shoots at goal. Diogo Almeida still tries to block the ball, but the force of the shot prevents the defense and the marker is opened.

Douglas Aurélio appears at the second goal post of Sporting, at a cross by Tiago Manso deflected by the defense, where he receives between two defenders, who leaves behind and shoots at the goal. The goalkeeper still tries to stop the ball, but the force of the shot prevents the defense.

Douglas Aurélio scored the winning goal for Estoril Praia

In the 22nd minute of the game, in a free kick by Paulinho, Lucho Vega jumps between the Sporting players and his head forces a tight defense from the goalkeeper.

Sporting tried to react and went around João Oliveira’s goal after inattention of the Estoril defense on 34 minutes of play, with the ball passing over the post.

On the return from the break, Estoril Praia returns stronger and at 57, in a delay by Diogo Brás for the goalkeeper, Douglas Aurélio wins the ball and goes isolated for the goal, ending up with a shot to the side.

30 minutes from the end of the match, Paulinho drives the ball across the entire field and at the entrance to the penalty area he finds Elias, who returns it back to Paulinho who shoots towards the back of the net. The striker saw the goal canceled, as he was in an irregular position.

Armin Hodzic and Gilson Tavares are called into the field for the positions of Klismahn and Paulinho. Vasco Botelho da Costa returned to the team after 82 minutes, putting Duarte Valente and João Castro in the field for Afonso valente and Gabriel Castro. Eight minutes later, João Dias replaces Elias Achouri.

The last minutes were played with high intensity with opportunities for both parties, with Sporting having a goal canceled after 94 minutes out of play.

Estoril Praia continues to lead the Revelation Series South Series with 17 points. At the end of the week, the team travels to Madeira where they play with CS Marítimo on Sumday.