U23 draw in Portimão but remain in the lead

U23 draw in Portimão but remain in the lead

This Saturday, November 14, Estoril Praia, went to the Dois Irmãos Stadium, in Alvor, to play the last match of the eighth round of the Revelation Series South Series, against Portimonense SC.

Vasco Botelho da Costa chose Sandro Cabral for goal, Tiago Manso, Bernardo Vital, João Dias and Pedro Empis for defense, for midfielder Afonso Valente, Douglas Aurélio, debutant Armin Hodzic and Lucho Vega, for the attack, Paulinho and Elias Achouri.

Estoril Praia came in stronger by dominating the opening moments of the match, ending up opening the scoring after 4 minutes. Following a corner kick, Elias crosses to the second post, where Bernardo Vital appears, watching with a head Douglas Aurélio, who shoots with no chance of defense for the Portimonense goalkeeper.


Douglas Aurélio scored the goal of Estoril Praia

The first part had several realization opportunities for both parties, but the effectiveness was reduced. In the last minutes of the first half, Portimonense had some goal opportunities, but Sandro Cabral, goalkeeper of Estoril Praia, was in the spotlight to prevent the Algarve initiatives. The Magician went to the dressing rooms to win with the advantage of a goal.

Like the first 45 minutes of the game, the second half featured initiatives taken by the two goalkeepers. The end of the match was played with great intensity, with Estoril Praia entering the 6 minutes of discount period, reduced to 10 units, after the expulsion of Afonso Valente, after a foul at the entrance of the area.

At 94 minutes, Estoril Praia concedes a corner to Portimonense who matches the score by Filipe Relvas, ending the match with a draw to a ball.

Speaking to the Estoril Praia website, mister Vasco Botelho da Costa said that “Portimonense presented a line of 5 defenses, approaching the game with a full-time man-to-man marking, which never gave us any comfort to have the ball as we like it. ”

“We managed to score a goal early, which gave us some peace of mind, but the story of the game was very identical, since in almost the entire game we tried to have the ball, but due to the tight markings, we ended up making some technical mistakes, quite a lot ball losses and allow Portimonense to leave in transition. I think the result boils down a little to the disorganization of the Portimonense team, having contributed a lot to disorganize us as well and to be very uneasy throughout the game. ”, Concluded the sub23 coach of Mágico Estoril Praia.

The U23 Magicians remain in the first position of the Liga Revelação South Series

Estoril Praia remains in the first position of the league table of the Revelation Series South Series, with two points more than the second place, Sporting CP and with less one game played.