Esports: FIFA Pro Clubs PS4 double round

Estoril Praia’s FIFA Pro Clubs PS4 team played their first two matches tonight, against the FGil Esports team.

The first game started at 10:00 pm and ended with Estoril Praia’s 1-0 victory. In a game without great scoring opportunities for both teams, he had his first moment of danger for the Mágico team. The goal that earned the first three points in the competition was scored by FabioForest.

In the second game, like what happened at home of the FGil Esports team, he had the first and only dangerous situation on the side of Estoril Praia. The goal came in the second part of a ball sent by the defense to the attack of the Magician, where in front of the goalkeeper, Legend only has to touch the bottom of the goal. The FGil Esports Team reacted shortly after and tied the match, after a ball lost by the defense.

In VPL Pro Liga 1 PS4, Estoril Praia has 4 points won in this double journey.

Tomorrow Esports do Estoril will play again:
FIFA Pro Clubs PS4: Estoril Praia – Euro Boys | Euro NPV | 9:30 pm
FIFA Pro Clubs PC: Estoril Praia – ByeBye Account | NPV Edu Ferreira | 10:00 pm | Double journey