Esports: Estoril Praia’s winning debut on a double journey

The FIFA Pro Clubs PC team from Estoril Praia made their debut in official competitions, at the Edu Ferreira Tournament, in a double journey against the Esports team of the CD Nacional, at the end of Monday night.

Estoril Praia faced CD Nacional at home on game one and played in the match with the following start list:

Estoril Praia entered the first most pressing game and scored early on in the game for Whisper. Still in the first half, Woank scored the second of the canarinhos, who secured the victory by 2-1.

On the game two, the starting eleven changed, with the substitution of  Kalimareca to Gaspar in Estoril Praia midfield.

Like the first round, Estoril Praia scored the first goal in the first minutes of the game. The Magician won with a 4 goals difference, preventing any initiatives from the opposing team, with goals scored by W0zzer, Woank and an Insert encore.

The matches were broadcast on the Twitch channel of Estoril Praia, SAD. Subscribe the channel and follow live all matches of the Estoril Praia Esports team.