Estoril Praia joins the “Violência Zero” campaign

Since the first round of the Pro 2020/2021 League, Estoril Praia has used the space on the game jersey usually reserved for the main sponsor to develop awareness campaigns.

Challenged by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, I.P., and by the Authority for the Prevention and Combat of Violence in Sport, Estoril Praia now uses this space to support the “Zero Violence” Campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the population about the phenomenon of violence, promoting the ethical values ​​of sport, such as cooperation, respect, solidarity, fair play and tolerance.

«We know that sport is a medium with great potential for the education of social values. Football, due to the visibility it has in Portugal, has an obligation to set an example for all its fans, particularly the youngest ones », said Jeffrey Saunders, president of SAD Estorilista. “Unfortunately, sometimes the excitement of the game leads to unconscious and unacceptable behavior. We have to make our supporters aware of the fact that violence does not take place in sport and that it depends on each one of us ”, continued Jeffrey Saunders.

«Sport is not unaware of the challenges that exist in society, and is sometimes the stage for intolerance or other expressions of violence. The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, in its article 79, expressly states that it is up to the State to prevent this type of phenomena, and these are not prevented only through the use of legislative or administrative measures. More needs to be done, particularly with regard to the issue of raising people’s awareness. It was precisely based on this logic that the Zero Violence Campaign was born, which has as its key message the phrase “there are moments in sport that mark forever … don’t let violence be one of them”, said the Secretary of State for Youth and Youth Sport.

«On this World Day to Combat Bullying, I would like to extend a strong thanks to Estoril Praia for joining our campaign, taking the opportunity to challenge the other participants in professional competitions to do the same. Considering the importance and impact that football has on our society, it is fundamental, and everyone’s responsibility, to know how to take advantage of its visibility to promote the true values ​​of sport. », added the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport.