Protocolo FMH e Estoril Praia

Estoril Praia SAD and Faculty of Human Motricity establish cooperation protocol

The Estoril Praia SAD and the Faculty of Human Motricity at the University of Lisbon established this Tuesday, October 13, a cooperation protocol that aims to take advantage of the scientific, technical and human potential of both entities.

The protocol, which will be in force during the 2020/2021 sports season, will allow the sharing of scientific data and equipment with a view to boosting research and sports performance.

With this protocol, SAD inaugurates the Innovation and Development Unit of the Estoril Center of Excellence, aimed at implementing innovative technologies and processes to improve the physical and psychological condition of the athletes of the main squad and the sub23 squad of Estoril Praia.

For Jeffrey Saunders, President of SAD of Estoril Praia “the association of sport with scientific knowledge is fundamental to enhance the individual and collective performance of our teams. We have been betting on scientific and technological projects that allow improving the physical and psychological performance of athletes. This partnership with one of the most prestigious teaching and research institutions in Portugal puts at our disposal a vast scientific, technical and technological knowledge, which will certainly strengthen the work developed by our professionals at the Center of Excellence ”.

For Professor Doutor Luís Sardinha, President of the Faculty of Human Motricity “it is a great honor for our institution to celebrate this protocol with Estoril Praia. It is an initiative that is part of the matrix of our training school: to train students who are competent for the development of a profession, in this case in sports preparation in football. It is an initiative linked to innovation, something that the School has been cultivating recently. The Faculty has several resources and strategies that have been shown to be relevant for sports preparation. ”