Portuguese Cup: Estoril Praia wins and heads to the 3rd round

The Magician entered the field with eight changes compared to the eleven of the last match, against Benfica B. Thiago Silva, Pedro Empis, Bernardo Vital, Chiquinho, Cícero, André Franco, André Clóvis and Harramiz, were the novelties. Hugo Gomes, João Gamboa and Carles Soria, remained in the initial alignment.

In a game in which only the Cascais team was interested in winning, Estoril Praia became dominant and the first dangerous move came from André Clóvis, who faced two opponents and found Chiquinho at the entrance to the penalty area, who shot close to the second post.

A pressing Estoril Praia and occupying the spaces very well arrived early on. Harramiz dances on the right of Mágico’s attack, passes through three opponents and offers to André Clóvis, who with a half-round shot in the heart of the areas opened the asset and scored his first official goal with the yellow and blue jersey of Estoril Praia.

The striker scored for the first time for the Magician.

Sertanense had the main danger in the first half, in the 19th minute, following a corner beaten by João Silva, Jorge Teixeira headed by the first goal post defended by Thiago Silva.

After 30 minutes of play, André Franco takes a free-kick to the left into the penalty area, where Harramiz appears, who heads the ball into the hands of goalkeeper Leo Turossi.

At minute 37, the same recipe, but with another protagonist. Free-kick taken by André Franco, the central defender Hugo Gomes jumps without any mark and, in a chopped header, puts the ball out of the reach of the goalkeeper, also debuting for Estoril Praia.

Hugo Gomes made it 2-0 in the 1st half

The 0-2 was reached with the break.

In the second half, at minute 57, João Silva scored a free-kick, shot and the ball touched Thiago Silva’s goal post.
Bruno Pinheiro makes the first substitution after 16 minutes of the second half, replacing Aziz and Miguel Crespo, replacing Andrés Clóvis and Cícero, respectively.

At 65 minutes, Aziz and Carles Soria, had a spectacular short ball exchange in front of Sertanense’s defense, which started with Miguel Crespo’s heel touch and in the end, André Franco shot dangerous near the second post.

In the next play, Aziz scores the third goal of the match, when he retrieves the ball from an incomplete cut of the head of the Sertanense defense and in front of an opponent, switches the ball to the left foot and shoots outside the wide area to the bottom of the net. goal of the sertaginense team.

Aziz scored two goals in the match.

Marcos Valente makes the first minutes of the game this season, replacing João Gamboa, 71 minutes into the game.

At 75 minutes, Chiquinho spins on the ball and clears Carles Soria on the right, bounces the ball into the area, where Chiquinho appears again, who dribbles two opponents and low shot for tight defense of the goalkeeper of Sertanense.

In a double substitution, Harramiz and Hugo Gomes give way to Vidigal and Hugo Basto, on 82 minutes.

Referee André Narciso gave three minutes of extra time and at the end of the clearing period, the Sertanense goalkeeper fouls André Vidigal inside the area. In the penalty spot, Aziz shoots to the opposite side of the Sertã team’s goalkeeper and scores his second goal in the game.

Bruno Pinheiro was satisfied with the result.

Analyzing the game, Bruno Pinheiro says that “We did well, in a difficult game. We played a serious game at all times. We managed to give confidence to those who have played less, which is a test of confidence, since we are talking about a test to eliminate and just lose the game to leave the competition. Exchanging seven players who have been starting, is proof that we have a capable, competent and very competitive group.

The pitch, although not too bad, is far from a good pitch, where the ball flows right and can interfere with the player’s mentality and confidence. In these conditions, the degree of difficulty in controlling the ball and the pass is superior, but we always managed to be serious, maintain the attitude, interpret the game and we ended up making it an easy game. We managed to score 4 goals, which is satisfactory. “.

Estoril Praia will start playing again on the 20th of October, at 8:30 pm, at the António Coimbra da Mota Stadium, in front of CD Feirense. You can follow the match live on Sport Tv +.