Estoril Praia and Gelpeixe present Social Responsibility program

This Thursday, October 1st, Estoril Praia – Futebol, SAD and Gelpeixe, in cooperation with the Cascais City Council and the Estoril Parish Center, presented a social responsibility program for the 2020/2021 sports season.

At a time when companies and families suffer, directly or indirectly, with the consequences caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Estoril Praia, in cooperation with Gelpeixe, the Cascais Town Hall and the Estoril Parish Center, created a social responsibility program consisting of the distribution of 50 meals per week to needy families in the municipality of Cascais.

This initiative follows the agreement established between Estoril Praia SAD and Gelpeixe, in which the usual value of sponsorship on the back of the jersey of the Cascais formation, is converted directly into cooked meals that will be delivered to families identified by the Estoril Parish Center .

Jeffrey Saunders explains the importance of developing this project

«As a football club we are part of the community and we have to be present when the community needs us most. When there is suffering and pain in the community, we feel it too. So, in these difficult times, when many are experiencing difficulties, we have to do our part. And that is why we created this program », said Jeffrey Saunders, president of Estoril Praia SAD in the presentation of the project.

“If we all give something to the community, we are doing something good for others” – Manuel Tarré

The presentation of the program was also attended by Manuel Tarré, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gelpeixe, who said that “this year when we sat down to understand how we could stay together for the next sporting year, my proposal was to return to the part donating food to those who need it most. If we all give something to the community, we are doing something good for others ”.

“We will not only distribute food” – highlights Father Paulo Malícia

For Father Paulo Malícia, President of the Estoril Parish Center, with this project “we are not just going to distribute food. We also take a little time and company. The number of people who come every day to knock on my door for help has increased a lot in recent times. Our mission will always be to help those in need, and any help we can receive is welcome ”.

The project’s press conference also featured the Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreira, who stressed the importance of the program for families in the municipality of Cascais.

“We are all in the same boat” – says the Mayor of Cascais

“As Pope Francis said at the beginning of this Pandemic: We are all in the same boat. And in fact we are all in the same boat. The suffering that this pandemic has created both from the health point of view, from the economic point of view, and especially from the social point of view, cannot leave anyone indifferent. It is an attack that we all have to take and we will only be able to overcome it all together. This is a networked, team effort involving a company, GelPeixe, Estoril SAD, which, by helping the Estoril Parish Center, a partner of both the parish and the Chamber, to fill a need that still exists and is increasingly lit in our county that our fellow citizens are going hungry. All efforts like this have a deep recognition on the part of the Chamber. ”, said Carlos Carreira.

“We are facing three pandemics, health, economic and social. We have the perspective that the health pandemic will take some time, the economic one will take longer and the social one will be the longest. Above all, I would like to thank you on behalf of the Municipality, both to Gelpeixe and Estoril Praia SAD, because in fact this program will be a help to our citizens ”, concluded the Cascais mayor.

The distribution of meals begins on October 8 and runs until the end of May next year.