Presentation of new jerseys and main squad 2020/21

Estoril Praia, SAD presented this Tuesday, in partnership with KAPPA, the new equipment for the 2020/2021 season. At the event organized at the Mercado da Vila in Cascais, the colors that will equip Estoril Praia were presented, as well as the main squad and technical team.

David Diniz, representative of Kappa Ibérica in Portugal, reinforced the importance of this partnership, reinforcing the values by which Estoril Praia has guided the structure since its foundation. The presentation was also attended by partners from Estoril Praia, Casino Solverde, Sagres, Diogo Vaz, Estoril Motor and Gelpeixe.

David Diniz to speak at the presentation event of the new jerseys
David Diniz to speak at the presentation event of the new jerseys

The inspiration of the new jerseys

The Sea and the Sun in the main jersey

Cascais is known internationally for its connection to the sea, the beaches and the characteristic sun of this region. These two elements are since the founding of Estoril Praia directly linked to the club and the main jersey for the 2020/21 season is no exception. Yellow reminds us of the colors of the characteristic late afternoon sun that shines in this region, over the sands of the line, bathed in the blue water of the beaches of the municipality of Cascais.

The alternative equipment is once again a tribute from the club to one of the sectors of society, this time to health professionals.

From the front line into the four lines

The work of health professionals during the pandemic crisis caused by SARS-CoV-2 inspired the Portuguese. Their dedication and professionalism have been instrumental in controlling the pandemic. Estoril Praia, due to the social positioning it has had since its foundation, is not indifferent to the magic that doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff do every day in hospitals, health centers and clinics in our country. The White and Blue of the alternative equipment are a tribute to all those who have always been committed to the health of the population.



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At the end of the presentation of the main squad 2020/21, the veteran Captain of the canarinha team, Joãozinho, highlighted the work that has been done in the preparation of the next season – “We are already going with seven weeks of work, something atypical, because we should already be to start the season in a normal year. Now, we are learning new ideas, with a coach who likes to privilege possession of the ball and a base for positive football. We have been training with different exercises, which stimulates a player. ”

After giving a speech, Captain Joãozinho, handed to the councilor of the Cascais City Council Nuno Piteira Lopes, a ball signed by all the players of the Estoril Praia squad.

Joãozinho give an autographed ball to Councilman Nuno Piteira Lopes
Joãozinho give an autographed ball to Councilman Nuno Piteira Lopes

The main team 2020/21 are:

Goalkeepers: 1 – Nuno Macedo; 12 – Thiago Rodrigues; 99 – Daniel Figueira

Defenders: 2 – João Diogo; 3 – Bernardo Vital; 4 – Volnei; 6 – Hugo Basto; 15 – Pedro Empis; 22 – Carles Soria; 23 – Toti Gomes; 24 – Marcos Valente; 31 – Joãozinho (C)

Midfielders: 5 – Cicero; 8 – Duarte Valente; 10 – Zé Valente; 16 – Bruno Lourenço; 19 – Armin; 21 – João Gamboa; 32 – Rosier

Fowards: 7 – Chiquinho; 11 – Nicolas Careca; 14 – Aziz; 17 – Douglas; 18 – João Oliveira; 27 – André Franco; 97 – A. Clóvis

Technical Team 2020/2021:

Bruno Pinheiro – Head Coach

Jacobo Ramallo – Assistant Coach

Emanuel Mesquita – Assistant Coach

Emanuel Carmo “Néné” – Goalkeeping coach

Bruno Pedro – Physical Trainer

Ricardo Antunes – Analyst


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