Académico de Viseu 0 - Estoril Praia 2

Estoril Praia wins at the end of the third round

This afternoon Estoril Praia went to Estádio Municipal do Fontelo to face the Academician of Viseu, at the close of LigaPro’s journey three.

The line-up of the Estorilistas featured Dani Figueira on goal, defenders Joãozinho, Hugo Basto, Hugo Gomes and João Diogo, in midfield Zé Valente, Gamboa, Rosier and Crespo, and the most advanced men André Vidigal and Aziz.

The first minutes of the match were dominated by the Magician and after 4 minutes of play, Zé Valente created the first dangerous move of the match. The Portuguese midfielder dribbles two opponents and shoots to defend the number 1 of the Academico de Viseu, at the entrance of the penalty area.

In the 12th minute of the match, João Diogo changed the flank for the midfielder Rosier, who cushioned for a cross shot from Vidigal, who ended up hitting an opponent and leaving beside the post. Following the corner, on 13 minutes, Zé Valente crosses into the penalty area and Hugo Basto pulls up to the bottom of the Viseu team’s net, scoring the first goal of the match.

Hugo Basto scored the first goal of the match
Hugo Basto scored the first goal of the match

In the middle of the first half, after a ball combination between Vidigal and Rosier, the French midfielder crosses into the penalty area, where Crespo appears, who from the first shot against the body of the goalkeeper of the Academico de Viseu.

Crespo crosses into the penalty area at minute 24, where Mathaus appears to cut the ball. João Diogo recovers the ball and tries to surprise Janota who deflects the ball with a slap in the direction of Aziz, who does not waste it and heads the first goal in the service of Estoril.

Aziz scores the first goal for Estoril Praia
Aziz scores the first goal for Estoril Praia

The Academico de Viseu had 4 players with a yellow card after 34 minutes of play. Viseu’s team, in an unsuccessful attempt to recover the ball, committed 4 penalties with a card penalty.

At minute 35, André Vidigal, enters from the left of the Viseense area, pressured by the defender of the Academico de Viseu where he crosses for Zé Valente, who sees the ball cut by the newly entered Yuri Araújo. In the reload, Aziz shoots beside the goal defended by Janota.

André hits a short corner in the 40th minute on the left side of the field for Joãozinho, who sends the ball into the heart of the area, Hugo Basto appears behind Mathaus and heads the ball beside the goal.

In an attack by the Academician, João Diogo suffers a back and requests a foul, ending up touching the ball with his arm. Referee Dinis Gorjão does not consider the foul on the Estorilista defender and gives João Diogo a yellow card in the 43rd minute.

First half ends at two minutes of additional time, with an attempt to cross the Academico de Viseu, which ends without danger to the goal defended by Dani Figueira.

The first dangerous move in the second half came on 52 minutes, in which Hugo Gomes sent the ball to the opposite flank in the direction of João Diogo, who received and progressed through the opponent’s midfield, passed to Vidigal who shot low for the defense of the Academic goalkeeper at the entrance to the penalty area. Two minutes later, in the short corner sequence, the same Hugo Gomes shoots after a low cross from Zé Valente, for the defense of goalkeeper Janota.

Joãozinho and André Vidigal
Joãozinho and André Vidigal

After 58 minutes Bruno Pinheiro made the first substitution of the match and refreshed the attack by Mágico, putting André Clóvis in the place of André Vidigal.

In an attempt to prevent the advance of the attack of the Viseu team, João Gamboa grabs the opponent and receives a yellow card.

The coach of Estoril Praia returned to the team after 71 minutes of play, with a double substitution, bringing in Paulinho and Cícero to replace Rosier and Zé Valente, respectively.

Dani Figueira goes yellow after 78 minutes after delaying the ball in play. Two minutes later, Paulinho also received a yellow card for delaying the return of the ball to his opponent, after being signaled offside to the Estorilista forward.

Seven minutes before the end of regulation time, Bruno Pinheiro substituted Gamboa for defender Bernardo Vital and Aziz for Chiquinho, who made the first minutes of the season in the service of the main team of Mágico.

Just entered, Chiquinho hits a corner on the right and Clóvis appears in the heart of the area, heading beside the goal post of the club of Viseu.

At the 90th minute, Hugo Basto eased in the defense and Pica was unable to dominate the ball, André Clóvis isolated himself and shot over the bar saved by Janota.

Dinis Gorjão whistles for the end of the match after 94 minutes.

Asked if the victory over the Academico de Viseu would have been easy, Bruno Pinheiro refers to it as “a fair victory achieved with merit, with quality in the first half and with a second half playing. We have had some difficulty with the recovery and we will have one day less recovery than the opponent in the game on Monday. This difficulty requires the management of the result and pace of the game. ”

Approached about the expectation about the viseense club for the game, the mister of the canarinhos alludes that the strategic plan of Estoril Praia for the game was to prevent “the opponent from shooting, from having an inefficient ball possession and always preparing the game so that the opponent has difficulty recovering the ball. I think there was merit from Estoril Praia. ”

Estoril Praia is now in the fourth position of the classification table, with the same six points from the second to the fifth classified.

Vitória sobre o Académico de Viseu
At the end of the third round, Estoril Praia has six points