Emoção é no estádio - Campanha do Estoril Praia

Estoril Praia calls for the presence of supporters in the stadium

Estoril Praia started today an ariginal campaign to appeal to the presence of supporters in the stadium, using the space on the game jersey, usually reserved by clubs for the main sponsor. Recognizing the extreme importance of safeguarding public health, this campaign aims to appeal to the need to seriously consider alternatives that allow the progressive return, safely, of the supporters to the stadiums. Football is a sport of emotions and everyone who has had the opportunity to watch a game at the stadium knows that only there is it possible to fully enjoy the experience. Emotion is at the Stadium.

“At a time of great challenges and when it is necessary to look for creative ways to adapt to this new normality, we believe that football supporters deserve to be able to feel, once again, the emotions of the game live and that it is possible to find safe solutions that enable everyone’s wish” – said SAD President of Estoril Praia, Jeffrey Saunders.

“We launched this initiative to try to raise awareness among the competent authorities of the importance that supporters have for this sport and to demonstrate our willingness to contribute to finding the path that will allow the public to return to stadiums safely” – he clarified.