Estoril Praia and Marítimo tie for 1 goal

Estoril Praia received this Tuesday, September 22nd, the Marítimo, in a match played at the Estádio do Real Sport Clube, in Massamá, counting for round 3 of the Liga Revelação.

Estoril Praia entered the field with Sandro Cabral in goal, Tiago Manso, Bernardo Vital, João Dias and Lucas Silva in defense, Gustavo Klismahn, Afonso Valete and Lucho Veja in midfield, Paulinho, Douglas Aurélio and Gilson in front of attack.

Estoril Praia started better and in the 2nd minute Paulinho fired a shot from outside the area that went close to Paulo Teixeira’s goal post. With Estoril Praia over the game, it was Marítimo who scored first, the 18th minute of the match, following a free-kick the defense of the Magician still relieved the ball left for Ruan Teles, who score the first goal at Estádio do Real Sport Club.

Vasco Botelho da Costa’s men responded to the goal and in the 32nd minute Tiago Manso on the right of the Estorilista attack made a center shot that forced the Marítimo’s goalkeeper to defend for a corner.

The Magician restored the tie in the 43rd minute. Paulinho hits a free kick on the left side of the attack and Bernardo Vital appears without opposition to the second post and heads towards the bottom of the islanders’ networks, making it 1-1 the interval was reached.

Estoril Praia came back from the dressing room with the desire to win the match and on two occasions this close to the goal. First on minute 47, with Douglas Aurélio on the right, he enters the area and assists Paulinho who shot hard for Paulo Teixeira’s defense. Then with Paulinho working from the left and finding Lucho See that in the heart of the area he shot over the Marítimo goal.

The Marítimo reacted and at the 50th minute Nassur Bacem clears himself from the left and centers for the newly entered Aires de Sousa, who in the opposite post just didn’t score because he found Sandro Cabral ahead, with the Magician’s guardian avoiding the maritimist goal.

In the 54th minute, in a quick transition from Mágico Lucho Veja isolates Gilson who is knocked down at the entrance of the area by Moisés Mosquera, with Referee Catarina Campos giving expulsion order to the defender of the islanders. Following the direct free kick Gustavo Klismahn forces Pedro Teixeira to a great corner defense.

Estoril Praia continued to put pressure on the opponent and again had two fragrant scoring opportunities, both on the left side of the Magician’s attack. Paulinho in the 58th minute and Lucas Silva in the 60th minute forced the Marítimo’s keeper to two tight saves.

In the 61st minute Vasco Botelho da Costa refreshed the team, bringing in Volnei Feltes to replace Bernardo Vital and Diogo Batista to Gustavo Klismahn.


With a dominant Estoril Praia, in the 67th minute Gilson came in from the right of the Magician’s attack and shot low, with the ball passing close to the opposing goal post.

After 71 minutes, Vasco Botelho da Costa moved the team again, refreshing the Magician’s left side. Lucas Silva gave way to João Castro and Paulinho to Rubén Pina.

At minute 78 João Castro throws Douglas Aurélio on the left, with the winger assisting Gilson Tavares, who inside the small area introduced the ball into the Marítimo’s goal, a move that would be annulled by the alleged offside of the striker of the canarinhos.

Marítimo lowered the lines and bet on the counterattack, and in the 87th minute Ruan Teles forced Sandro to another defense.

After 88 minutes of the match, Jet came on for Douglas Aurélio.

The game ended with Estoril Praia installed in the opponent’s midfield, but without being able to materialize in goal the superiority of the second half of the match.

For the coach of Estoril Praia, “it was a very complicated game with many players from Marítimo B. They presented a game system with a defensive line with 5 elements, controlling the side aisles well. Estoril Praia started very well, we released the pressure, we started the ball moving quickly and against the current of the game, Marítimo, following a set ball, scores the goal. The team was uneasy, started to leave the game plan and it took us 10 to 15 minutes to get our heads together and start playing again according to what was planned. After a certain time, we changed the way we left and managed to be more dangerous again and with fairness, we reached the goal ”.

“In the second half we started very well, we had clear occasions to reach the advantage. Meanwhile, the opponent was playing with 10 and from then on it became more complicated, there was less space to play, Marítimo was only concerned with defending, but even so we managed to maintain our game model. What makes the difference in the result was the failure to take advantage of the opportunities we created in the second half ”, said Vasco Botelho da Costa in statements to the Estoril Praia website.

“In my opinion, the result is very unfair for what we produce, but we will continue to work, Sunday we have another game we want to win”, concluded the 31-year-old.

In the classification table of the South Zone of the Revelation League, Estoril Praia keeps the first place, now with 7 points, 3 more than Marítimo and SL Benfica, both with less than 1 game.


The sub23 of Estoril Praia will play again next Sunday, September 27, visiting Cova da Piedade, in a game broadcast live on Channel 11 from 11 am.