FC Penafiel 1 – Estoril Praia 0

Mágico Estoril Praia played on Saturday, December 28th, in FC Penafiel’s ground, Estádio Municipal 25 de Abril, in a match for matchday 14 of LigaPro.

To start the match, Tiago Fernandes choose Daniel Figueira in goal, Hugo Firmino, Philipe Maia, Lucas Áfrico and Simão in defense, Tembeng, Gonçalo Santos, Rafael Barbosa and Daniel Bragança in midfield, with the attack being delivered to Juninho and Roberto.

Estoril Praia started the game well, with more possession in the first half but unable to create danger with the well-organized FC Penafiel defender.

At 24 minutes, Penafiel had a great opportunity to score, with Daniel Figueira solving the offensive situation created by Ronaldo Tavares.

42 minutes into the match Rafael Barbosa had try to score after Daniel Bragança’s corner, but the ball went just wide.

The second half began with FC Penafiel’s goal, Daniel Figueira looking to relieve the ball from within the small Estorilista area, with the ball rebounding into Ronaldo Tavares and settling in deep in the Cascais formation.

Estoril Praia tried to react and on 71 minutes Simão matches Careca, who replaced Barbosa, with the defender entering the area and shooting at Luís Ribeiro’s goal post.

85 minutes in, Lucas Áfrico got a second yellow card and was sent off.

At minute 94, Juninho shoots near the base of the left post of Penafiel goal and once again Luís Ribeiro denying the goal to Estoril Praia.

The match ends 1-0 in favor of FC Penafiel, Estoril Praia ends matchday 14 in 6th position with 22 points.