Jonata and Chiquinho’s goals in U23 victory

Estoril Praia’s under23 team beat CD Aves on Friday, October 18th, for two balls at zero, in a match counting for the 11th round of the Liga Revelação.

Estoril Praia entered the game almost to win, after in the first minute of the game Empis retrieve the ball in defense, find Pedro Matos in midfield that with a break pass isolates Jonata, with the striker bypassing the goalkeeper of Aves and making the first goal for the “Magician Estoril Praia”.

13 minutes into the game, Pedro Empis again in the goal, Estoril Praia’s left wing comes in from the left and finds Chiquinho already in the penalty area, which in the second try pushes the ball into Aves’s net, making it 2-0, result with which would end the match.

You can see the goals of the match in the Estoril Praia app, available for Android and iPhone.