Estoril Praia 1 x SC Farense 2

Estoril Praia hosted this Sunday, August 18, SC Farense, in the first game at the António Coimbra da Mota Stadium to count on LigaPro 2019/2020.

The Magician initially had António Filipe in goal, Góis, Maia, Valente and Belima in the defensive quartet, Daniel Bragança, Tembeng and Rafael Barbosa in midfield, Juninho, Kady and Roberto in front.


Tiago Fernandes’s charges started well, with Rafael Barbosa shooting from outside the area after 6 minutes, with the ball passing close to Hugo Marques’s goal post and 10 minutes later Roberto was to repeat the goal. gesture from his teammate after a shot in the heart of the area.


21 minutes in, following a corner kick from the left of Farense’s attack, Matheus da Silva heads unmarked and makes it 0-1 for the Algarve Team.


Estoril Praia reacted and after half an hour Rafael Barbosa puts Farense’s keeper to the test, who in two times saved the young Estorilista’s shot.


39 minutes into the match António Filipe twice denying Farense the second goal.


The Estorilista goal came on after 41 minutes, with a free kick by Juninho assisting Roberto, who heeled the ball into the back of Farense’s net and scored a beautiful goal.


The second half began practically with 1-2 for Farense, again following a corner kick, scored Luís Rocha.


By the end of the match, Juninho on 58 minutes and Roberto on 64 minutes were close to score, but until the end the result remained unchanged.


To Tiago Fernandes “we have to be prepared to meet all opponents and we can find no excuse for what we do less well. We will remain focused on our goals, our tasks and improve on defensive tactical schemes”


“We lacked effectiveness, we have control of the game but we failed to score most of the balls we get to the opposing area,” concluded the coach at Magico Estoril Praia.


The Estorilista team will play for LigaPro next Sunday against Casa Pia, in a match that will be played at the Estádio Municipal de Mafra.