“Estoril Pride” goes to Faro

Sunday, April 14 is the day to go to Faro, for the round 29 of Ledman LigaPro, at 11.15 am. Thinking about this challenge Estoril Praia organizes a trip for all members and fans who want to attend the game, providing free bus and ticket.

We want to take the “Estoril Pride” to the stands of Estádio de São Luís and in the end, celebrate with all the fans another victory.

Reservations must be made in person at the Estoril Praia Official Store (D. Bosco street, near Estádio António Coimbra da Mota) or email (orgulhoestorilista@estorilpraia.pt), until Saturday at 12am, with indication of name, telephone contact and number of tickets intended.

On Sunday the departure is scheduled for 6am, in front of the store.

Fans who wish to support the team by their own means should go to the official store and request their ticket. Offer is limited to the number of seats available.