Estoril Praia is “A Club for All”

“A Club for All”. This is the motto of the campaign for inclusive sport, against any kind of discrimination and prejudice, which Estoril Praia will launch next Sunday, February 24, in the game of the professional soccer team against the A. Académica Coimbra, at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota (8pm).

To mark the kickoff of this initiative, the club will feature an unpublished scarf and a captain’s armband with the colors of the rainbow.

“We want to tell the world that there is no space in our club for any kind of prejudice and discrimination. The rainbow scarf is, in itself, a clear message, but we go further. We have a process of training of managers, coordinators and leaders in order to enable them to identify, manage and value the difference. We will not allow any kind of discriminatory act in the sphere of the club, “explains Alexandre Faria, Estoril Praia president.

After signing the Portuguese Charter for Diversity and having made a commitment with the United Nations for the Sustainable Development Goals, the Cascais club takes another step towards helping to build a better world.

In keeping with the symbolism of the new scarf, captains and coaches of the academy teams will begin to wear armbands allusive to the fight against racism, homophobia and gender inequality. To these initiatives are added the training actions for managers, coordinators and leaders.

In year of celebrating its 80th Anniversary, Estoril Praia is a club that promotes pluralism and diversity, condemning any type of discrimination.

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