Estoril Praia at ANS environmental initiative

Estoril Praia was present at the last stage of the national surfing championship, which took place at Praia do Guincho.

In an environmental initiative, in which the focus became the importance of increasing pollution on beaches and the cleaning of Guincho Beach, which was the highlight of a hot morning.

The players of the main squad, Gonçalo Santos, Filipe Soares, Roberto and Diney, as well as Fernandinho, Francisco Mascarenhas, Toti, Van Der Laan and Matheus Cassini of the U-23 squad were the athletes who were present.

Roberto took the opportunity to confess that “these initiatives are fantastic and I have realized, in this short time since I arrived at Estoril Praia, that I am in a club that not only enhances all the conditions for sports, but it is a reference in the municipality of Cascais and makes a point of making its athletes part of their initiatives and concerns with the social and environmental scope.I am here today with great pleasure.”

Alexandre Faria, President of the Estoril Praia Sports Group, states that “Estoril Praia is the first club in the world on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and as such, our commitment is not only for sport, but also for environmental awareness It makes perfect sense to be here.”

Gonçalo Santos, captain of the main squad, comments that “Estoril Praia is a brand of the municipality of Cascais. As a professional athlete of the club, myself and my colleagues, need to do this path with the club and I am sure it will be more and more a reference, through its environmental and social awareness.”

Rodolfo Canavesi, Estoril Praia SAD CEO, states that “we are a club that has environmental and social awareness, we show this even with the theme of our marine blue equipment, which focuses on the protection of marine life. Count on us, our presence and our initiatives. We are also clearly focused on environmental concerns.”

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