Luís Freire: “We will have a tough opponent in a difficult field”

This Sunday, Estoril Praia heads to Alentejo to face CF Vasco da Gama de Vidigueira in a game for the Portuguese Cup.

Coach Luís Freire spoke in anticipation of the match, “we did not like the situation we had in the last game. A family has to rebalance itself and find new paths to its goals. We resisted the whole week with various adversities, with the focus and will to arrive on Sunday and manage to play the game with the enthusiasm to fight for each move, until we can move on to the next phase of this competition. ”

“We will have a tough opponent in a difficult field where we will have to show humility and realize that only with work, quality and concentration we will beat this opponent”, says Luis Freire.

Luís Freire finishes with the certainty that “the team is identified with the opponent and with the posture to have in this game. We will make changes, we will use the players who worked hard for this game and who are focused on tasks and offensive and defensive missions and that are ready to help the team on what it takes. ”

The game between CF Vasco da Gama and Estoril Praia is scheduled for 3 pm, this Sunday, at the Estádio Municipal de Vidigueira.

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