Luís Freire: “We are very focused on what is our identity”

This Sunday, Estoril Praia receives Leixões SC, for the 3rd round of LEDMAN LigaPro 2018/2019, at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota.

Coach Luís Freire spoke about the game, “we are very focused on what is our identity, based on three pillars, the irreverence of who wants to evolve and do better, who wants to continue to show their value and the evolution of his work, the ambition to want to win for the fourth consecutive time, maintaining the position in the table, because although it is a very early stage of the championship, we have the ambition to continue to win, and above all, humility of recognizing that it will take a lot of work, with collective and individual sacrifice, to win over an opponent with great value”.

“We will face a team that deserves our utmost respect, a historic club with excellent players, with no weaknesses in all sectors of the pitch”, said the coach.

Luís Freire adds, “we are focused on our goals, with our fans, who we ask that they wear the colors of Estoril Praia and that they help us and push us to the fourth consecutive win” … “it is very important to continue this moment with our fans”.

The game between Estoril Praia and Leixões SC is scheduled for 11.15 am, this Sunday, at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota and entry is free for Estoril Praia members.

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