White with the support of the academy and future generations

Estoril Praia also has a third Kit, the white one.

Through the white Kit, Estoril Praia is committed to the future, to the next generations and to integration in sport, especially in football.

Matilde D’Orey, who does not miss a game and one of the elements of our ball catchers team, took the leadership of this symbolism and joined the professional athletes Sandro Lima and João Gomes, in a moment of great interaction and smile sharing, in a pitch where future generations of citizens and athletes of Estoril Praia train their social and sporting skills, the synthetic pitch of Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia.

Through the grassroots work, future generations of Estoril Praia will be citizens with solid social values, mutual aid and integration, as well as top athletes who will make our football a sporting pillar of Cascais region.

As Rodolfo Canavesi says: “the transition and growth of the athletes is part of the planning and promotion of a work of integration between the academy and professional football of the club” and Alexandre Faria: “we need to continue to demonstrate the value of the Estoril Praia academy and reinforce a strong bet on the common identity that unites us”.

The future can only be brilliant!

Know more details about our white Kit.

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