Experience in the frontline

Roberto Rodrigo, a 29-year-old striker, is the new name for the Estoril Praia frontline. The player brings in his curriculum the experience and the race of those who clearly identify the goals of the team, “expectations are the best, they are to put Estoril Praia back in the top tier of Portuguese football, which is where it deserves to be” .

Born in Porto, Roberto trained at the Cultural and Sports Association of Bairro do Falcão and Futebol Clube do Porto. As a senior player he has accumulated more than 200 games in teams such as Futebol Clube Tirsense, Associação Naval 1º de Maio, Moreirense Futebol Clube and Futebol Clube de Arouca, club he represented last season with 34 games and 11 goals.

Roberto also shares that “he sees an ambitious project with good foundations and that he was received in the best possible way, from my colleagues and from the rest of the structure, always available to help in everything that is needed”.

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