Pedro Alves is the new team manager

Pedro Alves, who played as a midfielder in Portugal and Cyprus, is the new Team Manager of Estoril Praia. His long journey, as head of the scouting department of Sporting Clube de Braga, led him to conclude that he was a average player who was worth more by the will and ambition than by the exuberant technique. Ambition that accompanies him also now as responsible for the Estoril Praia’s football department.

In exclusive declarations to the official website, Pedro Alves left some guarantees to the ones that follow Estoril Praia. “We are going to have a competitive team and do everything – in what we control – so that Estoril take the first places and return to the First League. And its with humility, effort and dedication that it can be achieved”, he said.

Pedro Alves was born in Lisbon and has been linked to football since his young times. Given his path he understands the responsibility and the challenge he has in hands. “The structure is the first image of the club and I will be happy to be part of that image. I will not have problems in being also a link to the members and fans and that this link also bring more people to the stadium. The 500 supporters who were in the game against CD Feirense, in one of the most hard times, are needed in every game,” he said, reinforcing the demands of Second League. “We want to improve day by day and with support is always easier. In the Second League this support is fundamental. That the people take the commitment to accompany the team in the good and bad times “.

The squad entered the holiday period this Friday but the 2018/2019 season has already started at Amoreira and the goal is well defined: to take back Estoril Praia to the main stages of Portuguese football.

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