“We have to emphasize what our pretensions are” – Ivo Vieira

The ultimate round of Liga NOS is close and, on Sunday, in Santa Maria da Feira, a place is played in the elite of Portuguese professional football. The coach spoke in anticipation of the match where he predicts “a lot of intensity” and where the “emotional balance” could make all the difference.

“It’s a match where it’s decided many things, and where we have to say if we want to continue in the first League. There are many teams fighting for this goal, we only have to do our part,” said the coach, expecting a CD Feirense that will offer all the difficulties. “On the other side will be an opponent looking for the same goal, we have to emphasize what our pretensions are. We will not change our ​​game ideal but rather strengthen it even more.”

With the expectation that in Santa Maria da Feira the team has a yellow and noisy support spot, the Estorilista coach once again emphasizes the importance of all the estorilistas who can move to the north. “I appeal them to support us, they have been a great force, the more the better, they always add something more to the team,” he told, in front of the reporters.

The match between Estoril Praia and Clube Desportivo Feirense is scheduled for 6 pm, this Sunday at the Marcolino de Castro Stadium.

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