“Tomorrow is D-Day, it’s in our hands” – Ivo Vieira

Amoreira is the stage of one of the last matches of Estoril in this season 2017/2018. In the last game at home the expectation is that the stadium will fill with yellow and blue, as an extra motivation. “That the supporters wear the yellow jersey and that they support us. We have to fight for who wants us well,” stressed coach Ivo Vieira, in a press conference ahead of the game with Vitória Futebol Clube.

“Tomorrow is the day we have to say if we want to stay in the league. It’s day D and it’s in our hands!” he said, taking second place to what other teams can do in their games. “Estoril is dependent on some results but there is one thing that is certain: in order to get the maintenance in the first league we depend a lot on us because at the very least we have to win our games. Let us look first and foremost at our results and then see in what gives. ”

The game between ‘estorilistas’ and ‘sadinos’ is scheduled for 16 hours this Sunday. Who wear yellow has the right to free entry to support the team in this final and decisive season finale.

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