Yellow gives entry to last match at home

The calendar doesn’t deceive: we have entered the final stretch of the championship. The next match is the last challenge at home and Estoril Praia challenges all ‘estorilistas’ to wear yellow and lift their ticket (limited to available seats) to Estoril Praia – Vitoria Futebol Clube, scheduled for 16 hours on Sunday.

With the attention focused on the match against ‘sadinos’, the team fulfilled this Wednesday the second training of the week. Kyriakou, Gonçalo Santos, Thiago Cardoso and Gonçalo Brandão remain in the bunch of unavailable, while Kléber is trained in a conditioned way.

The next training session is scheduled for 10 am on Thursday and will take place at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota.

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