“It’s possible to look for our space and get points” – Ivo Vieira

A large number of journalists in the press room leaves no space for doubt: the next match is Estoril Praia – SL Benfica. Given this difference, it was also natural that the coach, Ivo Vieira, answered about the motivation levels of the teams in these occasions. “It is normal to be higher. It happens in Portugal and abroad,” he said, noting what matters the most: “What motivates us is the sum of points.”

In a preview press conference, the Estoril Praia’s professional football team leader devalued the ‘Jonas case’ (in doubt for the match), and expected difficulties on the return to home games. “It’s one more match with a high level of difficulty because the ones at the top of the table are stronger than the others, but we work in a natural way, we can look for our space and get points.”

About the match tactics, without revealing details, the coach guaranteed. “I’m not going to change my game ideal, my team will only play in a defensive style if the opponent, during the game, forces us to. Im looking for a positive and attractive play style, with an offensive team. The closer to our goal, the higher chance to suffer and the closer to their goal, the higher chance to score. ”

Estoril Praia and SL Benfica meet tomorrow in the last of three NOS League games scheduled for Saturday. The match starts at 8:30 p.m.

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