“We have to free the mind and be happy in the match” – Ivo Vieira

The Estádio António Coimbra da Mota is the stage of Estoril Praia – Marítimo, a match scheduled for 4 pm on Saturday. Coach Ivo Vieira guarantees “responsibility” and points the way forward for the team: “free the mind and be happy in the match”.

In a press conference previewing the match, the coach approached the match in a simple way. “We are not going the way we want, but one day we will have to reverse this situation. We will do everything and we are confident that this will be the starting point because we don’t have much more time to chase points.”

With some teams close to our league table placement, the coach praises the unconditional support of fans so far and understands that the turning and happiness can be really close. “There are teams that have bad times but suddenly have a good result and the situation reverses. We have to make that first good moment happen” he said, ensuring a team aware of adversity. “Marítimo is a strong team that creates difficulties for the opponent from dead ball situations. We think about what we can do tomorrow and not what Marítimo has done back or can do from now on.”

It should be noted that in the purchase of a ticket there will be an offer of two more for supporters who plan to attend the match, an initiative to motivate more support in Amoreira.



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