Visit training reinforce support against Paços

Fernando, Dankler and Moreira had a different end of afternoon and saw reinforced the support of the youngest to the duel with Paços de Ferreira, next opponent in Liga NOS. The three players of the professional soccer squad got into the game of the younger ones and the difficult thing was to distinguish kids and adults inside the Estorilista family.

Viewed as examples that work from an early age can compensate, the three left a message of dream and ambition to the younger. “If they have a passion for football, they respect it and it sure will give them many joys” said Moreira in statements to the media. In the path of this optimism the guardian approached the match on Saturday.

“It’s a game to win and turn around. Let’s fight for the three points and we ask the fans and partners who have suffered with us, we have a lot of respect for them, that they support us to win and look at the future with different eyes.”

Some touches on the ball, some goals and some defenses, the photo of the practice and a special training summarize the beginning of another training in the training levels of the Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia, where some tickets were also distributed to the game against ‘pacenses’.

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