Estoril Praia – Futebol, SAD Official Announcement

Following the recent news release that mentioned Estoril Praia – Futebol, SAD as being associated with alleged illicit practices, and considering the media coverage of the topic, we feel it is necessary to act, in contrary to our usual policy of not commenting news reports, to publicly state our complete trust in the professionalism and integrity of all the team members that are part of Estoril Praia professional Futebol organization.

Considering the lack of basis, detail and accuracy of the above-mentioned news release, and in some, their slander content, we will analyze all legal measures at our disposal to prevent all actions that may result in the questioning of the good name of the institution Estoril Praia.

As always, Estoril Praia – Futebol, SAD, is fully available to address all facts considered relevant by official entities.

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