“Let’s go to the fight!” – Ivo Vieira

Estoril Praia goes to Chaves this saturday, where it faces the team guided by Luis Castro, in duel of the 24th round of the championship. The Estorilista coach, Ivo Vieira, spoke about the challenge and left a guarantee: “let’s fight!”.

Asked about the work week and the words at the end of the match against FC Porto, the coach stressed that he will never go from 8 to 80 and that the management of the group is something that is part of the management of who leads. “Preparing a game on top of a positive result is different from preparing it on top of a negative result. We came from a very good series, we realized that it was not all done and that we had and we must continue to work towards our goal After that we had a less good game and a half part that also coincided in this phase. The mental aspect is very important and we have to believe that we will have a good series again” he said. “Even when we won three straight games we were comfortable and we were the best in the world and we did’nt lose now that we are that bad. Let’s fight!” he added.

Knowing that the lost points can not be recovered but that all games bring lessons and serve as learning, Ivo Vieira understands that the whole group is aware of the way to go. “We have to do better than we did against FC Porto and Belenenses to get out of the situation we are in. We all know we could have done better” he said.

The game between estorilistas and flavienses is scheduled for 16 hours this Sunday at the Estádio Eng. Manuel Branco Teixeira.


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