“Let’s try to take over the game” – Ivo Vieira

At the end of the 22 round of Liga NOS will take place the Estoril Praia – Moreirense, a match between two teams separated by only one point. This difference does not change the ambition of Estoril’s team, a match which the coach Ivo Vieira wants the team to “try to take over the game”.

“We will try to take over the game and try to win by being an offensive team. We are prepared, knowing that Moreirense has had positive results and that we are in the same situation,“ said the Estoril’s coach, at the preview press conference.

After two wins with five goals scored and zero conceded, and questioned about the mentality of the team after defeating a title contender, Ivo Vieira points out that there are always things to learn from the last game, whatever it is. “It’s part of my job to make them have the same attitude they had against Sporting. I believe we can take good things out of the last match because if they did it against Sporting they can do it against Moreirense as well. If we lose on the merit of the opponent, that’s fine, if it’s because of our demerits … not anymore. ”

Finally, a reference to the reinforcements and the refusal to lament about injured players. “Due to the past, at this moment I can not complain about what I have. The reinforcements? They came to fill some positions that we had in deficit and brought the balance that makes everyone work in a more competitive way. At this moment they are the option but tomorrow may be others. The best headache is having quality and having to decide. ”

The match between Estoril Praia and Moreirense kicks off at 8 pm this Monday at the Comendador Joaquim de Almeida Freitas Sports Park.

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