“Here I am happy to come to work” – Dankler

He is a center defender, last season he wore number 33 and now its number six. He has been away for five months, but has never stopped keeping track of the Estoril Praia games. He’s back and ready to help the club improve their Liga NOS performance. Dankler spoke exclusively to the Estorilista website about his “affection” towards the club, about his return and the upcoming game with CD Tondela.

1 – How has this return been so far?

Dankler (D) – I am very happy to be back in Estoril, it is a club for which I have a great affection. These first few days have been good because I made many friends here and now I was able to see them again.

2 – In these months that you were in France we know that you did not lose a game of Estoril and you would always support the team …

D – I always saw the games because I made many friends and, besides the players, the people who work here daily and those that help us in everything and allowed me to identify myself with the club. I feel at home and enjoy working here. So I will always follow the club wherever I am or wherever I go.

3 – Do you think that your experience here and in Portuguese football can be an important help for the team?

D – Yes. I’ve had similarly complicated situations at Botafogo as well as here last year and this experience of playing in adverse situations helps in order to grow. I can help given the growth that I have gone through and the notion of the importance of each game, which should be seen as last game of our lifes.

4 – Will the game against CD Tondela be one of those finals?

D – Without doubt. We know our quality and the results have not appeared, but as of Tuesday we have to change this. Sometimes, at certain stages, it seems like things do not happen, injuries get in the way … but if we can show good football now, when the results follow us in that, everything will come naturally. When we enter the field we have to leave the ‘extras’ aside and focus our attention on the manager’s strategies, put them into practice, minimizing the errors. And we have to be together in this because only then will we leave this situation.

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