Gonçalo Santos returns home

The good Son returns home. But when “beirão boy” become a “line boy”? Gonçalo Santos smiled at the question but summed it up with one sentence: there are things that can not be explained. “The people from the north tend to be more stiff and maybe it was nice for the fans … on the pitch I was a very fighter, I gave everything I had and what I did not have and I helped to achieve incredible things. It was three years of many achievements”.

Returned to a house where he was very happy and with his number 13, the player estorilista talked about the decision to return to wear yellow and blue. “The years I spent in Estoril were the best years of my life. When I received the invitation, I had just finished playing for the CD Aves, but from the moment the invitation was given.I did not even think about it, I spoke to who I had to speak to. The heart spoke louder. What I have for this club can not be explained, it was almost like love at first sight. And my wife shared my joy in this return” he said, recalling the last visit to Amoreira, this season. “The people came to talk to me on and it was very good”.

Gonçalo Santos believes that he can bring some of the mystic Estorilista to the younger ones and that the club offers all the conditions for the course to change. “We have all the skills to return to being Estoril of achievements and that knows how to leave its mark” he said, pointing out the added value he could bring to the group.

“Experience. Knowledge, combined with quality. I believe that my love for the club can make the group understand that Estoril has a proud history. He has already interfered in the fight that is usually for Sporting FC Porto and Sporting, was twice to the Europa League … we can be better! There is no need to hide that what we are doing is not enough. We have to row to the same side to get Estoril out of this situation”.

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