Ewandro is already part of the Estorilista family

Ewandro Costa already wears yellow and blue and has already stepped on the lawn of Amoreira, where he wants to “bring joy and be happy”. The 21-year-old forward has been loaned to Udinese, from Italy, where has learned that there is much more football than just the natural talent.

With São Paulo and Atletico Paranaense marking his career, Ewandro presents himself to those who do not yet know him. “I consider myself a fast player, who always seeks to give depth, who is not afraid of one against one and who likes to finish the move.” These characteristics will have been essential for the calls to the young selections of Brazil, where he met some of the now teammates, to join Lucas Evangelista with whom he also worked in Italy and with whom he shares … the same hairstyle.

The Estoril Praia forward wants to help the team improve results and return the opportunity on Portuguese soil. “I know it’s a club with quality players, it has a good atmosphere, good values ​​and it helps us to gain our space

” he said, considering that the experience he has acquired in the year and a half that is in Europe will be very important .

“Football in Italy is very different from what I was accustomed to in Brazil, there is a lot more importance to the tactical and strategic part. I do not say that in Brazil it was easier … the difference is that at European level the player has to be more complete and to have more attention to details like the occupation of spaces or the speed of the game “, understands the advanced one.

Speaking in the first person plural, Ewandro leaves a message to all the Estorilistas: “we want to do our best for Estoril, get out of the situation where we are as fast as possible and I am here to be one more to make the best contribution and to add the team”.

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