Matheus Savio is estorilista reinforcer

Matheus Savio reinforced Estoril Praia and trained for the first time this morning on the pitch of the Estádio António Coimbra da Mota. Upon arrival, the player showed confidence in the contribution they can make to help the team achieve the goals they want.

“I was very happy to be able to come to Europe, it was a dream I had and now that I am here I want to help the team to achieve the goals as I want to fulfill my dreams too,” he said. Before going to Portugal the midfielder talked about his coming with some of his teammates who have made a good bet on his career.

“Of course I know that the situation of Estoril is not the best, but I also know that it is a club that gives young people a lot of opportunity and that there is a lot of quality to reverse the situation.” The midfielder, who was present at Estoril Praia – FC Porto, spoke of the first impressions he had. “I’ve been following some games in Brazil and I’ve seen the last one here, I got the idea that what you see out there is not what’s really happening, the style of play is more ‘taken’, there is more speed and competitiveness between teams theoretically uneven than the idea of ​​games on television. ”

The number 87 Estorilista has already visited the facilities of Estoril Praia and exchanged ideas with former teammates and even a former opponent: Matheus Índio. “The integration was facilitated by the people I already knew and who gave me some tips. I was given the message that we have the conditions to improve and get out of the position we are in. I also really liked the structure.”

With Philippe Coutinho as the “main inspiration”, Matheus highlights his debut for the U20 team and Maracanã’s first professional goal for Flamengo at age 17, as the most important moments of his career so far.

With good indications of the region, the Estorilista player wants his “technical quality and offensiveness” to add quality and that his contribution helps the team to “climb as high as possible” in the league table.


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