“If we have more supporters we will be stronger” – Ivo Vieira

Three (invitation) are equal to three (points). This is the intention for the Estoril Praia – Clube Desportivo Feirense, where coach Ivo Vieira wants to see the full house. “I appeal to the supporters who will come because they can help us overcome what are present difficulties as future ones. If we have more people here to support us, even on the difficulty, we will always be stronger.”

The appeal came in a press conference that previewed the first round of the NOS League, where the Estoril coach spoke of “confidence and motivation” the week after the draw in Setúbal. “In the last round of the match, they will combine after a disadvantage in what is an element of trust and with an accredited team that is such a finished game without end” he said, emphasizing that “players believe and are looking for results”.

When closing the last game, the coach spoke about the next opponent, refusing to believe in a problematic phase of the team led by Nuno Manta. “We have the ability to win the Feirense, aware of the difficulties for the game we are going to bring”.

When asked about the injuries that were found in the last weeks, Ivo Vieira refused to enter into regrets and reinforced what a phase with more obstacles can give good to the team. “Besides the difficulty, we will be stronger, we will grow and we will be more competent. We have a positive point because we play at home against our fans,” he concluded.

The game is scheduled for 9:00 am at Amoreira. Members are entitled to three invitations that can be withdrawn at the official club store or at the door office


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