Estoril Praia and Cercica together in initiative of Christmas

Stopping in the championship does not mean stop playing and on the afternoon of Tuesday the call did not leave anyone out. Estoril Praia’s squad, technical team and structure were ‘called’ to accompany part of the day of the young people attending the Cercica (Cooperative for Education and Rehabilitation of Inadvertent Citizens of Cascais), a social solidarity institution that responds to educational needs and of people with intellectual disabilities and other disabilities.

During the visit the whole group was divided into several workshops, where the most diverse activities, from spaces for paintings and other manual works, to the radio space, through the interaction with animals, collaborate in the motor development of some of the young people who attend every day the institution.

In a relaxed and family atmosphere, there was space for games, touches on the ball, autograph requests and all the fraternization that Christmas asks for and that should reign throughout the year. This is also a commitment taking place between Estoril Praia and Cercica: that of crossing paths wherever possible.

In the end and in unison everyone wished the happy holidays. A different afternoon ending with a holiday message from coach Ivo Vieira: “We wish the good holidays to everyone, in particular to the Estorilistas … all together we will achieve our goals!”.


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