“We will not give up our game idea” – Ivo Vieira

So many times the pitcher goes to the spring, which one day leaves the wing. The proverb reflects well the moment estorilista and the maximum that the coach Ivo Vieira wants to keep for the game of this Saturday, against Benfica, not giving up the offensive current of the last games.

“We can not go to Luz for fear of doing what we have done lately, we can have difficulties but we will be stronger, I would rather lose doing everything to win than to lose 1-0 and not do anything to get the win. We have to be an objective and attack team, “said the coach at press conference, saying that he has one of the teams with more attacks in the League.

Ivo Vieira refuses the idea of ​​an opponent weakened by the course in the Champions League, understands that they are “completely different games” and that Benfica will do everything to get close to the first place in the table. “We are very focused on the value of the opponent but also on what we can do.This game can be a positive turnaround.It will be difficult at the home of a club with the size of Benfica but we will not give up our idea of ​​the game” .

As for the lack of goals the coach could use the initial proverb of this text or change it for… “we have not scored for some games but we are working the team so that it can happen as soon as possible” .

Estoril and Benfica come into play for the 14th round of the NOS League this Saturday at 18:15 p.m., at Estádio da Luz.

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