“Estoril will come out of this situation” – Lucas Evangelista

The return to the competition is close and in Amoreira the batteries are all aimed at Funchal and the Barreiros, an island stage where Estoril Praia will face the Marítimo on Sunday at 4 pm. Lucas Evangelista, who knew the “island of flowers” a few months ago, talked about the early days at Estoril, the game against the Maritimists and the days of work with coach Ivo Vieira.

How have these months been in Portugal?

Lucas Evangelista (LE) – The first few months have been very good, the adaptation was very fast because I already knew some teammates, the Country reminds me a lot of Brazil and consequently I feel very comfortable here. I seriously think of living in Portugal in the future.

What has surprised you most in the Portuguese championship?

LE – I was very surprised by some teams with less name, some that I did not even know but that have many quality players.

Your first goal was in Alvalade, and you could say that you relayed that game…

LE – It was a very important goal for me because it was in the beginning and because it made me increase my confidence. I hope to help Estoril in the future with more goals like that!

You have had very positive evaluations from the beginning. Do you think you can give even more with the natural confidence that the change of cycle can bring?

LE – Absolutely! I think I still have a lot of room for growth. I hope and believe that the victories will start to appear and with this Estoril will leave the situation where it is.

Here comes the game with Marítimo. Did these days of stop in the competition with coach Ivo Vieira give to improve and assimilate some ideas?

LE – Yes, even with very little time the team has already noticed the message from ‘mister’ Ivo. We understand the way he sees the game, as he thinks. He came to add and I’m sure we will grow a lot with him.

Having already played against Marítimo this season, what do you think of this next opponent?

LE – We can play as equals despite what they have achieved, especially playing at home. The last time we played against them was a balanced match, the game was decided with a detail that failed in our team. It was a very contested game because both have quality players, but I believe we can now get out of there with a win.


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