“We have a lot of quality in our group” – Ivo Vieira

 The professional football team trained this morning under the guidance of Ivo Vieira, at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota. At the end of the rehearsal the coach spoke for the first time as a estorilista coach, stressing the quality of the group.

“I have a lot of quality in the squad, Estoril is full of arguments to be able to get out of this situation, it will be a psychological and motivational issue”, said Ivo Vieira, asked about first impressions. The coach emphasized that he likes to “practice offensive football” and that the improvement of defense also goes through the improvement of the attacking sector.

Before the statements to the media, the training took place at the open door and had four players from the training classes. Tote Mendes, Diogo Marques, Vasco Leal and goalkeeper Nicolas participated in training, where they were absent on the pitch Gonçalo Brandão, Thiago Cardoso, Lucas Cavalcante and goalkeeper Thierry. Abner made a run on the pitch, along with treatment and gym work.

For this Wednesday are marked two more sessions, at 10 and 16 hours, in Amoreira, both behind closed doors.

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