“We want to revive our memories in the Cup” – Pedro Emanuel

In Faro, at 15.00, the referee António Nobre will sound the whistle and at that moment the kick-off will be given on the Estorilista course by the Portuguese Cup. The event made dreaming in the 2016/2017 edition, with the arrival at the half-finals.

“It’s a completely different event and it’s only natural that all the teams feed a dream. Our team is fed by what happened in the last season and we want to revive our memories in the Cup, knowing it will not be easy” he began by saying the coach Pedro Emanuel at a press conference.

Farense leads with 15 points the E series of the Portugal Prio Championship, an indicator to take into account, in addition to the vast experience in the main Portuguese soccer league. “The opponent is the leader of his series, he plays in a stadium that has seen many first division games and has an experienced team, mixed with some young people who want to assert themselves in Portuguese football”.

At the end of the pre-match conference, the coach mentioned the importance of continuing to count on the support of the supporters and expressed the greatest desire for this Sunday: “no doubt that the Cup is a moment of celebration and we can celebrate our passage tomorrow next round”.

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